Facial Diagnosis – One Look In The Mirror

Baggy eyes? That’s probably swollen kidneys. No. It’s not that you are aging and now you have bags under your eyes. It’s vice versa – you eat toxic crap, chew toxic relationships and that is why you are aging.

One look at your face can tell me more about you than everything you say. I can tell you what you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I can tell you how you sleep or not. I can tell you how your love life is…

And no amount of make-up, no amount Dolce Gabbana or Luis Vuitton is gonna fill the void within you. The truth is you crave and you eat to cheer yourself up. And it’s all in your face.

You crave love. You walk around begging for love. How long do you wanna live like that? Do you really believe anything from outside can fill you in? Do you believe this guy or that guy will finally prove you worthy of love?

Or that next thing you wanna buy? Or your to-do-list will prove you lovable?

You will that void with the food you stuff into you mouth. And – it’s not so good, not so vibrant for you…

Surprised you lack energy? Age? Gain? Lose? Surprised you and your loved ones develop cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorder, Hashimoto?

It’s all in your face. The ancient art of facial diagnosis. You will be afraid to sit in the tube and watch people. You will be frightened with what you see at the airports or at the beach.

Inflammation. Constipation. Addiction. It’s all in your face.

Your face never lies.

Detox, Babe. Time to Detox.

Sh… The best kept celebrity secret…