Total Reset. Reclaim Your Body. Reclaim The Planet.
Total Reset. Reclaim Your Body. Reclaim The Planet.
Healing myself from ovarian cancer, and shedding 83lbs in just a few months, rapidly awakened my sense of body awareness, mind-body connection, and the voice of the heart. Ever since then, I've been on the quest for truth about what it means to be fully alive in the human body; vibrantly awake, alive and aware. I have worked and interviewed thousands of people; both famous and infamous. I have immersed myself in the realm of conversation about human health, vitality, power, purpose and pleasure. Today, I am brining you the results of my independent investigation for truth. You will find it radical, outrageous and fiercely inspiring.

Celebrate aliveness. Here and now. In your body. The unfamiliar feeling of being fully alive is your birthright.

- Evita Ramparte, The Global Summit On Pleasure

Cleansing, fasting and vision quest have always been the essence of leadership. All great leaders in history have fasted.

- Evita Ramparte, The Bliss of Cancer

Escape from the city. Get into wilderness. City is the energy of the mind. Nature is the energy of the spirit.

- Evita Ramparte, Badass Detox

Sex is political. Sexually fulfilled individuals are impossible to control. They will refuse to take orders. 

- Evita Ramparte, The Global Summit On Pleasure

We need a new brand of leadership on the Planet. Vibrantly awake, alive and aware. Being a vortex of new possibility.

- Evita Ramparte, TigerWoman
Interviews with Evita Ramparte
The Evita Ramparte's Signature System
Video-Guide to Intermittent Fasting
One-Day Fast That Will Change Your Life Forever!
Discover the magic of Intermittent Fasting. Learn how to prepare and administer coffee enema. Download three of my favorite juicing recipes. You will be amazed how easy it is to cleanse your body and how great it feels. This One-Day Detox will change your life forever. 
The best kept secret to stunning weight loss, hot looks, high energy , great libido & unstoppable confidence. You deserve it!
3 Day Cleanse + 'Go Vegan' Challenge
The Quit Craving Crap & Get Sexy Fast Detox!
Did you know it takes three days for human blood to go from Acidic to Alkaline? Three days! Can you commit yourself to juice feasting for just three days? You are going to be amazed on day four and day five you will feel energy through the roof! This Three-Day-Detox + 21 Go Vegan Challenge will free you of toxic food addictions, and empower you to get your mind and body back. Be prepared to shed pounds!! 
3/5/7 Day Cleanse + 'Go Raw Vegan' Challenge
Total Step-by-Step Mind-Body Healing & Transformation 
This program cured me from ovarian cancer and helped to lose 83lbs in just a few months. You will be guided to say 'good bye' to old ways of living. Your will experience a 5 Day Cleanse with Liver Flush, marked by Radical Forgiveness, when you transform your story and become grateful for absolutely everything that happened. You will be guided into a 7 Day Cleanse, chakra by chakra, when you get to consciously design your life the way you desire it.
Featured Publications by Evita Ramparte
The Bliss of Cancer
How I Cured Cancer, Lost Weight & Turned My Life Around.
My cult book that created a movement. The story of how married nearly killed me, and how a psychic saved my life. How doctors nearly killed me, and how I reclaimed my life. How fasting can be fun, and why enemas are so good. Why fat is so bad; why fruit is so good, and why I am nuts for coconuts. This book will show you both: the beast of cancer, and the possibility that cancer is - body's call to healing, transformation and bliss.
Badass Detox
Total Reset. Reclaim Your Body. Reclaim The Planet.
Quick, practical manual to detoxing, cleansing and intermittent fasting. A companion book to the 'Bliss of Cancer'; more action oriented and more badass. It will encourage, inspire and empower you to be badass, take your health back into your hands, clean up inside out and quit craving toxic crap. Jumpstart your health now! 
Feminine Strategies In The Jungle of Business.
What are they? What are our own feminine and feline ways of doing business. Do women like wild cats thread their own paths through the jungle of business? How do we hunt, create and manifest? How do we negotiate, manage, and lead? How do we connect, relate, seduce and conquer? And how much fun are we going to building alliances? Today's alpha female is not heading to Hollywood. She is heading to Forbes.
You Are Bigger Than Your Cock. 
A Tantric Book for Men.
What Your Momma Didn't Tell You, And Your Daddy Had No Clue... Oooh! Did you know you can last as long as you want? Did you know you can have multiple waves of pleasure and whole body bliss? Learn how women are wired, and the seven strategic ways you can send us to heaven (counter-intuitive). Discover the best kept secret for high energy, peak performance and unstoppable confidence. 
Who Is Evita Ramparte?
The Honolulu Press called her 'The Goddess of Wellness and Tigress of Business'. Evita Ramparte is a Bestselling Author, Health Journalist, and Transformational CEO™; uplifting and raising leaders through wellness. 

In 2000, Evita was informed by doctors she has ovarian cancer. Instead of giving up to their authority and obediently turn for surgery and chemo, she decided to cleanse her mind and her body. She healed herself naturally through fasting and detoxing, as well as through a complete transformation of consciousness and clarity in her relationships. She lost 83 pounds in just few months and turned her life around. After four months she was considered cancer free. 

Evita began a life journey, which led her from Warsaw through Paris, London, Los Angeles to Hawaii. Today, she lives in La Jolla, California, and her story inspires people all over the world. Evita has authored two bestsellers: ‘The Bliss of Cancer’ and ‘Badass Detox’. Currently, she is writing her fourth and fifth title: ‘TigerWoman. Feminine Strategies In The Jungle of Business’, and 'A Tantric Book for Men'. 

Evita Ramparte is one of the stars of the movie ‘Hungry for Change’ and ‘Food Heals'. Her book ‘Badass Detox’ is a training manual for Doctors Across Borders in Africa. 

Evita’s unique 6 weeks program - VIVA LA CLEANSE™ is available online, transforming people’s lives worldwide. The program consists of Transformational Coaching, Detox Protocols, Intermittent Fasting combined with ‘Raw Vegan’ Challenge. The unique Mind-Body Program results in weight balance, high energy, vitality, stunning health, optimism and glow. “The program empowers you to create a sophisticated detox spa in the privacy of your home and renew your relationship with food.” - says Evita, who aims to revive the ancient ritual of fasting in our modern world. 

Fasting is the cornerstone of VIVA LA LEADER™, Evita Ramparte's Elite Training for Transformational Leadership raising a new generation of health coaches, wellness professionals, transformational leaders and unapologetic entrepreneurs. 

Evita's currently working on VIVA LA TANTRA™ - The Global Summit on Pleasure, where she is going to interview the leading experts on love, relationships and sacred sexuality. The project will feature speakers, authors, coaches, therapists, healers and open the 'taboo on bliss' in Western Culture.

Her international real-estate development project - VIVA LA EDEN™ - is gathering investors for the construction of of eco-communities and tropical getaways. The project is open to vegan stake-holders and is coordinated in partnership with outstanding architects and artisan builder in hemp building industry.

Evita holds a Double Master’s Degree in Comparative Studies of Religion and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication. She used to work as a professional TV News Reporter on Polish commercial television, where she interviewed world leaders Koffi Annan, Madeleine Albright, Dalai Lama, and George Soros, and celebrities. She is the CEO & Founder of Transformational CEO™ - Global Leadership Consultancy; Transformational Media & Marketing Company. 

Evita is thrilled to be a mom of a little boy named Noa (in Hawaiian 'the breaker of taboo'). 
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Total Reset. Reclaim Your Body. Reclaim The Planet.
Total Reset. Reclaim Your Body. Reclaim The Planet.
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