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Evita Ramparte is a revolutionary writer, journalist and embodiment coach. She is an author of two books – ‘The Bliss of Cancer’, and ‘Badass Detox’, and a star of the movie ‘Hungry for Change’. She is a corporate wellness consultant, photo-model  for wellness industry, and above all, an Artist; “The Masterpiece I create is my life”.

Evita is fascinated with the relationship of the Body, Mind, and Spirit. For the past 15 years, she has been studying people, what makes them tick, and what makes them stuck. She is a student of ancient wisdom and quantum technologies that foster human potential, human embodiment and connection with Nature.

Evita is a personal coach, and a public speaker, who empowers you to reclaim your life, reclaim your Body, reclaim the Planet. She inspires you to reach the high energy level that you deserve and desire, and step into a high vibe lifestyle. She guides men, women, and organizations to shift into higher dimension, marked by increased performance, creativity and joy; “Life is not a rehearsal. This is it. This is it.”

In 2000, Evita was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Inspired by a Ukrainian shaman, she refused surgery, chemo, radiation, and decided to cleanse. She cleansed her body and mind; quit toxic food and toxic thinking. She lost 83lbs within 4 months and became healthy. This experience was a breakthrough. From a fat, pimpled, miserable house-wife – she became an alpha female, who plays the game by her own rules. Since then, she has launched a private health awareness media campaign, and became an international authority in rapidly growing wellness industry.

Evita’s message in a nutshell: “You are not your Body. You are not your Mind. You are a Spirit. And when you know who you are, your Body shows it. It shines from inside out.”

Evita’s life-changing program is called GetSexyFast!©


Evita Ramparte was born and raised in communist Poland; volunteered in the Holy Land; studied in Switzerland; entertained in Paris, worked in London, gave birth in America, traveled through Hawaii. Today, she resides in La Jolla, California. She is a professional journalist, reporter, web-show host, and a blondie with couple Master Degrees.

Evita is a mom of little boy named Noa.





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