Total Reset. Reclaim Your Body. Reclaim The Planet.
Total Reset. Reclaim Your Body. Reclaim The Planet.
"Evita is an expert in the alchemy of positive transformation. As a young woman, being diagnosed with ovarian cancer gave her the spark she needed to heal herself naturally. In the process she transformed herself from being trapped in a toxic marriage, addicted to toxic food, overweight and unattractive into an empowered, healthy, and vibrantly beautiful woman in charge of her body, mind, heart, and spirit. Ever since she has been on a quest for truth about what it means to be fully alive, awake, and aware as a human being. Evita has inspired countless people to transform their lives and attain their most honorable dreams. Interviewing thousands of people, both famous and infamous, she is immersed in the realm of deep reality about human condition - our health, vitality, power, purpose, and leadership.
Today, Evita is sharing the results of her quest and her transformational secrets. You will find what she has to offer inspiring, radical, amazing, fiercely authentic, and life changing…."
Interviews with Evita Ramparte
The Evita Ramparte's Signature System
Video-Guide to Intermittent Fasting
One-Day Fast That Will Change Your Life Forever!
Discover the magic of Intermittent Fasting. Learn how to prepare and administer coffee enema. Download three of my favorite juicing recipes. You will be amazed how easy it is to cleanse your body and how great it feels. This One-Day Detox will change your life forever. 
The best kept secret to stunning weight loss, hot looks, high energy , great libido & unstoppable confidence. You deserve it!
3 Day Cleanse + 'Go Vegan' Challenge
The Quit Craving Crap & Get Sexy Fast Detox!
Did you know it takes three days for human blood to go from Acidic to Alkaline? Three days! Can you commit yourself to juice feasting for just three days? You are going to be amazed on day four and day five you will feel energy through the roof! This Three-Day-Detox + 21 Go Vegan Challenge will free you of toxic food addictions, and empower you to get your mind and body back. Be prepared to shed pounds!! 
3/5/7 Day Cleanse + 'Go Raw Vegan' Challenge
Total Step-by-Step Mind-Body Healing & Transformation 
This program cured me from ovarian cancer and helped to lose 83lbs in just a few months. You will be guided to say 'good bye' to old ways of living. Your will experience a 5 Day Cleanse with Liver Flush, marked by Radical Forgiveness, when you transform your story and become grateful for absolutely everything that happened. You will be guided into a 7 Day Cleanse, chakra by chakra, when you get to consciously design your life the way you desire it.
Featured Publications by Evita Ramparte
The Bliss of Cancer
How I Cured Cancer, Lost Weight & Turned My Life Around.
My cult book that created a movement. The story of how married nearly killed me, and how a psychic saved my life. How doctors nearly killed me, and how I reclaimed my life. How fasting can be fun, and why enemas are so good. Why fat is so bad; why fruit is so good, and why I am nuts for coconuts. This book will show you both: the beast of cancer, and the possibility that cancer is - body's call to healing, transformation and bliss.
Badass Detox
Total Reset. Reclaim Your Body. Reclaim The Planet.
Quick, practical manual to detoxing, cleansing and intermittent fasting. A companion book to the 'Bliss of Cancer'; more action oriented and more badass. It will encourage, inspire and empower you to be badass, take your health back into your hands, clean up inside out and quit craving toxic crap. Jumpstart your health now! 
Feminine Strategies In The Jungle of Business
According to the Ancient Chinese, the feminine energy yin is stronger than masculine yang. All Martial Arts Masters teach this... And yet, somehow, the Western female has forgotten and abandoned her real power. In fact, she resents it. She is trying hard to fit into the corporate world and compete... And yet, the Western woman is supposed to save the world. Really? Not without her feminine, ferociously charming genius!!
Who Is Evita Ramparte?
Speaker. Author. Public Figure. One of the most inspiring thought-leaders in today's health and wellness industry; embracing the totality of the human experience - Mind, Body and Spirit; being a stand for aliveness, sensuality, and authentic, unapologetic leadership.

Evita Ramparte is a Public Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Journalist. She sees her mission as raising new leaders for the Earth, empowered, inspired, awakened and alive.

Evita is passionate about being alive in the human body. Her journey lead her through fasting into self-healing and discovering the power, pleasure and purpose of being an empowered female. She works with men and women who seek to accelerate their leadership, find power and pleasure in their relationships, and purpose in their lives. 

Evita Ramparte has authored two bestsellers: The Bliss of Cancer and Badass Detox, which is a training manual for Doctors Across Borders in Africa. She is currently writing her third book to empower women to be fearlessly feminine and arise as leaders: 'TigerWoman. Feminine Strategies In The Jungle of Business .'

She has been featured by Cosmo, MTV and appeared all over European media. In the USA, she has been seen on FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, as well as quoted by WallStreet Journal. Evita Ramparte a star of the American movies ‘Hungry for Change’ on FMTV and ‘Food Heals' (in production).

Her life journey has led her from Warsaw through Paris, London, Los Angeles to Hawaii. Today, she lives in San Diego, California, and her story inspires people all over the world. 

In 2000, Evita was informed by doctors she has ovarian cancer. Instead of giving up to their authority and obediently turn for surgery and chemo, she decided to cleanse her body and divorce her husband. She healed herself naturally through fasting and detoxing, as well as through establishing clarity in her relationships. She lost 83 pounds in just few months and turned her life around. After four months she was considered cancer free. After two months - she had the first professional modeling photo-shoot. For the first half of her life, she was 'fat, sick and tired'. For the second, she has been enjoying a new body, high energy, stunning beauty and a badass 'contagious' healthy attitude to life. Today, Evita's unique transformational coaching program - VIVA LA CLEANSE™ - is changing lives across the world.

Evita holds a Double Master’s Degree in Comparative Studies of Religion and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication. She is a Landmark graduate. She used to work as a professional TV News Reporter on Polish commercial television, where she interviewed world leaders: Koffi Annan, Madeleine Albright, Dalai Lama, and George Soros, as well as Hollywood celebrities. Her stand for transformation on the Earth, stirred her up to create VIVA LA LEADER™ - cutting-edge media and marketing company dedicated to empower a new brand of leadership on the Planet.

Evita is thrilled to be a mom of a little boy named Noa (in Hawaiian 'the one who brings freedom'). 
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Total Reset. Reclaim Your Body. Reclaim The Planet.
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