You may know her as one of the stars of the American documentary ‘Hungry for Change’ on Netflix, ‘Plant-Powered’ movie screened at Cannes Festival 2019 or the ‘Food Heals’ Podcast. Evita Ramparte has been interviewed by MTV Europe, Cosmopolitan, Polish Public TV Channel 2, TVN Style,, and Univision, etc.

Evita Ramparte is an Internationally Known Speaker, Marketing Consultant, Health Journalist and Author of Bestselling Books, a Former Model and Wellness Industry Trendsetter. She helps men and women to achieve peak health and energy, and revive love and purpose in their relationships, build a brand from their Heart and launch a digital business. She is a Health Expert, Karezza Mystic and a trusted Spiritual Sensei to Celebrities, Athletes and CEOs. 
She holds two MA Degrees in Comparative Studies of Religion and a Post-graduate Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She is a former TV News Reporter and a Contributor to Newsweek and Cosmopolitan.
In 2000, Evita was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and healed herself in a few months, losing over 50 lbs thanks to fasting, forgiveness and high carb raw vegan lifestyle. This experience embarked her on a spiritual journey as a woman. She has studied various healing modalities, transformational coaching systems, nutrition, as well as neuroscience, biochemistry and microbiology. 
Evita speaks five languages, has lived in three continents, and holds a Double MA Degree in the Comparative Studies of Religion, as well as Journalism and Mass Communication. Despite the impressive education and influencer status, Evita remains remarkably humble, authentic and a very engaging speaker.
Evita serves leaders and change-makers, She offers private and group retreats for individuals seeking to achieve peak health and energy, optimum brain performance, as well as clarity, connection and commitment in their relationships, and in business.



In 2008, Evita came to America to inspire change and “raise new leaders” in wellness industry; despite publishing three international bestsellers on the subject of holistic health, being featured in American documentaries, interviewed on Podcasts and speaking on numerous occasions, she felt like a ‘prisoner of her image’ and did not feel that she was making a desired impact.

In September 2018, Evita was abruptly detained by US Immigration and put into one of the worst US Prisons with forced labor, horrible food, sleep deprivation and poor medical care. Separated from her child, deprived of her celebrity status, suburban zip-code, and with no access to her fans and followers on the Internet, she was rooted out of her comfort-zone. Wearing the same blue prison clothes, just like 150 other immigrant women from across the world, she got a sneak-peak into what it’s like after we die – where everything we hold onto is gone, we don’t have access to our loved ones, and the only thing that matters is the opportunity to touch a Human Heart.

Since then, Evita has never been ‘alone’. She feels assisted and guided by an Invisible Force, and called to lead the Leaders and guide the Guides. Upon her release from Prison, she ventured on a speaking tour across the United States from Manhattan NY to Los Angeles, California. In June 2019, she left the US on ‘voluntary departure’ and begun a world tour.

She has dedicated her life to awaken millions of people from the Prison of Materialism and realize the Grand Spiritual Purpose of their lives on Earth, as well as to help channel it into a massive economic transformation. Her message is particularly addressed to corporate leaders, celebrities, and athletes who seek to reinvent themselves and lead humanity onto the path of truth.

She lives in Khanom, in South Thailand – a heavenly paradise to pink dolphins, sandy beaches, waterfalls and ancient Buddhist temples. She is currently training in Muay Boran – ancient Thai Martial Arts that inspired Muay Thai. Her journey has led to her to create her own private beach-front retreat, where people come from all over the world to experience healing, detox and mind-body-soul transformation.



‘Evita’s book will help millions. Not only it is going to teach you how to cleanse on the physical level, but it will also help you see what you need to change in your mind. Profound. Practical. Powerful.’ ​– ​​Dr Harvey Bloomfield, MD., NY Times Bestselling Author​




Evita Ramparte offers transformational retreats for those who seek to achieve peak health and energy, emotional clarity and optimum brain performance. Her next destination is Ubud, Bali - an ideal nature-setting where you can escape the city life, heal and vision-quest. Do not hesitate to get in touch and discuss details.