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Unwind and vision-quest your brand and marketing from the core of your being and tap into a your highest possibility.



We believe it is impossible to enjoy life, if you are not healthy. This is why we make your health and wellbeing a top priority.


Boost your confidence with ancient Thai martial arts once practiced by the bodyguards of kings and queens.


Launch a movement


Step into healthy lifestyle, lose weight and rejuvenate


Explore Koh Samui, a paradise island of sandy beaches, resorts and Buddhist spirituality.


You will never fear again

Hospitality facilities


Detox, alkalize and energize with a vegan and raw vegan menu.


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Hide away in jungle temples and waterfalls.


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Relax, meld down and experience the bliss of Thai massage.


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Hide away and retreat into Nature in our private beach location.


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Meet Your Mentors

Evita Ramparte

Marketing Expert



Having experienced a spectacular career as a health expert in the United States, Evita Ramparte has established her name as a brand in the booming wellness industry; a Spiritual Sensei for movie stars, CEOs and athletes. 

Today, she is here to empower you to lead and become an authority by connecting with your core essence, crystalizing your vision, building your own brand, mapping your sales funnels, marketing your niches, launching a movement and leaving a legacy. 

Evita is helping people in four ways that she believes are essential to achieve success: branding from your heart, knowing who you serve and what is your value proposition, having healthy body and high performance mindset.

Evita travels the world with her 10 year old son, and is currently based in Koh Samui Island, in Thailand. You may know her as one of the stars of the American documentary ‘Hungry for Change’ on Netflix, ‘Plant-Powered’ movie screened at Cannes Festival 2019 or the beloved ‘Food Heals’ Podcast. Evita Ramparte has been quoted by Wall Street Journal and interviewed by MTV Europe, Cosmopolitan, Polish Public TV, Russia TV and Latin Univision, etc.

She came to America to marry and start a family – she became a trail blazer. Parul Agrawal astonished the world when she first published her book on juicing, which soon became an International Bestseller. 

Instead of pursuing a wellness career, she decided to empower others to bring their message into the world. Over 200 authors have self-published their Bestselling Books and ranked as Amazon #1 Hot New Release. A multitude became public speakers, successful coaches, online entrepreneurs and influencers interviewed on Podcasts, and contributors to mainstream portals. 

In 2019 she published The Growth Hacking Book, featuring 35 digital marketing experts. The book has been endorsed by Amitabh Khant, the CEO and Director of NITI Aayog, Government of India. It has been listed by Forbes as one of the most inspiring books for entrepreneurs in 2019 and has landed among the best new Silicon Valley Books, and endorsed by the government of India. 

Parul lives in Phoenix, Arizona together with her husband and two children. She has published articles in Huffington Post, Thrive Global, She Owns It and Forbes. 

Parul will be connecting with us remotely and follow up with your business projects supporting you online!

In Partnership With...

Kru Saifon

Muay Boran Teacher

Kru Saifon is a teacher of Muay Boran – the Ancient Thai Martial Arts that inspired Muay Thai. He learnt Muay Boran from his father when he a child. Muay Boran runs for generations in the lineage of men in his family.

When Kru Saifon was 12, he started to fight in Muay Thai competitions. He has 120 fights on his record; won 80, lost 20 and 20 were draw. He won 20 times by knockout. He spent years of his life in over 435 boxing rounds. Today, students come from all over the world to learn his technique.

When he was 15, he had a near-death experience. In his vision, his majesty King Rama V sent him back to the Earth with a special mission to help people. After his father passed away, he joined a Buddhist monastery. 

When he was 21 he was drafted to military, he witnessed his friends die in the war with Malaysia. His excellent Muay Boran skills granted him the position of the Bodyguard of Thai Generals. 
In recent years, the fame about Kru Saifon has attracted him celebrity clients – including Przemek Saleta, the World Champion of Kickboxing. Invitations to train have come from France, Switzerland, Bahrain, and Sydney.

Digital Leadership

Exclusive Business Training


Let's craft the look and feel of your message from the psychology profile of your ideal client avatar. Reverse-engineer the way the want to find you.


Let's make a road map of how you want to play the game, build authority and lead the way. Establish your brand in the position of power.


Let's decide on the tactics and the flow of your relationship with the market. What you will offer first and what you will be your backend offer.


Let's see how we can wow eye-balls and draw traffic to your services, whether by writing and publishing a bestseller, giving a TED talk or landing in media.

Our Clients Say

Case Study

David is a dude. He came to us with a desire to launch an online business and establish himself as an authority on yachting. A former British Royal Navy Officer, he doesn’t lack the competence. During our interview it became apparent however that what was blocking him was his lack of energy and motivation to succeed. We first coached him to cleanse his body and mind, take steps to develop healthier habits and clarify his relationships. Soon, his brain performance and energy level increased dramatically. He felt enthusiasm and clarity of vision. From that place branding, marketing and engineering his passion was a breeze. We dived right into it. Today, he is fully booked.

Like A Natural Woman

We Inspire Women

Parul Agrawal, Phoenix, AZ

Kathy Barrows, Port Orchards, WA

Mary A. Mahoney, Boston, MA


Ania Radzikowska-Folkerth, Los Angeles, CA


Michelle Racine, Los Angeles, CA

Eva Walesiak, Sydney, Australia


The Power of Yin

Before & After Transformations

Wow! I feel amazing!! I lost 7lbs in seven days, and everybody is telling me I am glowing! I have energy like never and I am not hungry for the food I used to eat before. Also, my skin is clear. What else is possible?

Moriah Diamond, Hawaii, USA Tweet

Thank you! I did your program. I cleansed, lost weight, and healed my knee. At age 44, I never felt better. I found a beautiful partner and we just got engaged!!

Eva Walesiak, Sydney, Australia Tweet

This is the dress I was wearing before. The one on the left. I went six sizes down in just 7 days. I feel sexy, and I have a younger boyfriend. He can't keep up with me.

Without botox or plastic surgery... In just three months, I rejuvenated, healed and lost 84lbs. My skin is glowing!

Our Clients Say

Thai Martial Arts

Master Your Emotional Intelligence

Muay Boran was originally developed for self-defense and also taught to the Thai military for use in warfare. Muay Boran originally is a martial art system which also has deadly techniques, grappling techniques and ground fighting techniques apart from its stand up techniques. This differs from modern-day Muay Thai, which consists only of stand up and is only a ring sport. Matches between practitioners of the art then began to be held. These soon became an integral part of Thai culture with fights being held at festivals and fighters from the different areas of Thailand testing their styles against each other. Fighters began to wrap their hands and forearms in hemp rope which not only protected their fists from injury but also made their strikes more likely to cut an opponent. Muay Boran fighters were highly respected and the best were enlisted into the King’s royal guard. During the 1920s-30s King Rama VII modernized the Thai martial arts competitions, introducing referees, boxing gloves, rounds and western boxing rings. Many of the traditional Muay Boran techniques were banned or were not practical with the addition of the new rules, and so Muay Boran went into decline and has been preserved by only few dedicated masters and teachers. – Wikipedia

Our Location

Unless held in other locations in the world, Business Venus Retreats take place in Koh Samui Island is Thailand’s second largest island, lies in the Gulf of Thailand off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus. It’s known for its palm-fringed beaches, coconut groves and dense, mountainous rainforest, plus luxury resorts and posh spas. The landmark 12m-tall golden Big Buddha statue at Wat Phra Yai Temple is located on a tiny island connected to Koh Samui by a causeway. We train Thai martial Arts at Lamai Muay Thai Camp – accredited by the World Muay Thai Council.

Special Bonus
Video-Course ($997 Value)

90 day video-course on cleansing & detoxing to help you raise frequency, get healthy and fit, rejuvenate and become more radiant. Life-time access you are welcome to share with your friends and family to help you stay on the path of health. Evita Ramparte’s Signature Program of that helped her heal and changed the lives of men and women across the world. Exclusive access to VIP Members Area.

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